Monday, July 16th, 2012

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Millions of Americans and individuals all across the globe are searching finance related advice when it comes to getting out of debt to refinancing your home or personal loan. A topic such as which debt negotiation firm is not a scam and not just for my money is a legitimate question. This is the reason why this website exists, to provide simple and straightforward information, reviews, and companies that are worth trusting your finances with.

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Credit Repair

1) Ovation Law Credit Repair Program

Ovation Law is a website that handles many different credit problems for individuals. They have a credit repair program that is excellent for those who wish to improve they credit score.  One of the best parts is that the program has no initial fees or start up costs. Ovation Law has a team of lawyers that are dedicated to helping there customers.

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2) My Credit Tree

Also has a program for credit repair. My Credit Tree has plenty of excellent programs that help with credit repair, eliminating debt, and even cash advances.

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Top Debt Consolidation Companies

1) Go Debt Help

Go Debt Help is extremely successful in reducing one’s debt and even eliminating it altogether. There team members are extremely friendly and easy to work with and there company has been featured on CNN, Fox News, and in newspaper USA Today.

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2) Get Out Of Debt Now

Get Out of Debt Now  helps you settle your debt and is a fantastic alternative to filing for bankruptcy. For this program however, you must have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt.

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Difference Amongst The Different Debt Relief Options

When people fall in debt, they get confused as to which option would be more helpful. There are so many debt relief options that it becomes tough to decide on the best option. So, if you too are in debt, it may be wise of you to consider a study on the comparison of the different debt relief options. It is not only how the programs are, but the situation which you are in, which should be considered in order to decide as to which would be the best option for you.

A comparative study on debt relief options

If the different or rather the most common debt relief options are considered, we would see that there are some fundamental differences amongst these.

Debt re-payment

Debt re-payment is mainly about the change in the terms of the payment, so that it becomes easier for you to pay down the debts. This is most helpful, if you are having a momentary financial problem. In order to get the re-payment options, you will be required to negotiate with your creditors.

This is in no way near to either debt settlement or debt consolidation or debt management.

Debt settlement

Debt settlement is concerned with your outstanding debts. In this case too, you will be required to negotiate with the creditors. If the creditor agrees to your settlement request, the outstanding debt amount which you will be required to pay, gets lowered. So, it becomes easy for you to pay down your debts. The other part gets forgiven. If you fail to negotiate of your own, it would be better to get the help of a debt settlement company.

It would be possible for you to settle the debts only if you have missed the payments on the debts to be settled. In addition, this also can have a negative effect on your credit. But, only if your financial problems are for a short term basis, it would be better to opt for debt settlement.

Debt consolidation

Unlike debt settlement, debt consolidation is mainly about the interest rate, which gets lowered. The number of debts you have gets rolled over, as a single debt. So, it becomes easier for you to pay down the debts. In this case, you can consolidate the debts of your own, by either taking out a consolidation loan or else through balance transfer. Or else, you can also take the help of a debt consolidation company.

In order to consolidate the debts, you aren’t required to miss any payments. Debt management too becomes easier with this.

Debt management

Debt management is mainly about managing the debts and the payments. If you would want to manage the debts of your own, you will be required to follow a budget, and try and lower expenses. Then, you will be required to prioritize the debts which you have, and follow either debt snowball method or avalanche method to pay down the debts.

You can also take the help of a debt management company. The counselor is going to negotiate with the creditors, in order to lower the interest rate, and waive off penalty fees and any other such charges.

So, these are some of the debt relief options. This may help you with paying down the debts. But, depending on your financial situation, you will be required to decide on one.